Dear all,

I am Prasanna from Goa (India), since past week there have been 3 rescues of Masked Booby's in South Goa, Goa (India) by Life guards, but the issue is that despite all attempts being made to release them the birds are not taking flight and are dying in 3-4 days, as per information received 2 birds have died (one immature and one juvenile), today one more bird has been rescued (looks like a subadult) and hopefully some vital information might be of great help, a vet will be attending to the bird in the morning, but i would again request to provide any additional information as i do not expect the vet to know much about sea birds.

Weather : Its the middle of the monsoon season, but not too windy, definitely not so much wherein one could expect the birds to be blown towards the coastline.

Prasanna Parab,
Hon. Wildlife Warden, Goa State (India).
& Member, Goa Bird Conservation Network (GBCN).