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Thread: First live record of Bulwer's Petrel in New Zealand

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    First live record of Bulwer's Petrel in New Zealand

    Link to BirdingNZ.net on the discovery of a live Bulwer's Petrel in the surf near Christchurch, NZ. The only other record of Bulwer's in NZ is a beachcast specimen found in 1998.

    Link to the article about it
    http://www.pressdisplay.com/pressdisplay/showlink.aspx?bookmarkid=2LF8PTR8Y2O8&preview=arti cle&linkid=95bfeaba-fab5-4ce7-b36e-5ad587755f36&pdaffid=1IGT%2bokLYqHKlD2G3RJH9A%3d%3 d

    What is the status in Australia? I saw that BARC rejected one submission from 1999. Has there been any other reported sightings? I think there was one from Wollongong, but there wasn't anything submitted.

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    Hi Brook,

    Here are the Australian records of Bulwer's Petrel:

    Cheshire, N.G. 1989. A Bulwer’s Petrel Bulweria bulwerii off north-eastern Australia. Australian Birdwatcher 13: 61-62.

    BARC records
    110, Bulwer's Petrel, Bulweria bulwerii, Coral Sea , QLD, 4/11/85, Accepted, 1,
    114, Bulwer's Petrel, Bulweria bulwerii, Portland, VIC, 14/09/86, Accepted, 2,
    126, Bulwer's Petrel, Bulweria bulwerii, Discovery Bay, VIC, 7/04/91, Accepted, 3,
    169, Bulwer's Petrel, Bulweria bulwerii, Discovery Bay, VIC, 4/04/93, Accepted, 4,
    262, Bulwer's Petrel, Bulweria bulwerii, off Southport , QLD, 27/02/99, Not Accepted,

    In addition, there was the famous bird blown inland to Toowoomba, QLD, by the January 2013 cyclone



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    There was also this possible one in Sydney in December 2012 (reported to Eremaea):

    Here is the Eremaea entry for the Toowoomba bird:

    And here one for the Northern Territory:


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    I knew there seemed to besomething wrong about waking at 4: 00 am yesterday to visitin search of LT Cuckoos and Orange-fronted Parakeets (both missed! ) within the Hawdon Valley! A messagein my phone from Jackie regarding this strange seabird! So great that Sco was able to get straight on to the business of iD.There werealso a rumour circulating for the CHCH birding grapevine of an Christmas Island shearwater found alive on the coastline. I needed a chat by telephone with Jackie today and she clarified that there was no Christmas Is Shearwater, it was subsequently just an earlier, tentative ID for those Bulwers Petrel. Jackie is a first class wildlife rehabilitator so hopefully the poor thing pulls through, even though unfortunately it seems that the bird is reluctant to feed and isn't standing. Jackie claimed that TV3 were visiting to carry outa narrativefor the Bulwers, so greatto receive some national media interest (and promotion of the great work and tremendous dedication of bird rescue folk) with the national media.
    I got a golden retriever recently, although I am a very busy guy and can hardly take time to attend him. I absolutely want to be responsible, so I do anything I could to be a qualified pet owner. I work late, so I purchase a automatic pet feeder which helps me to feed him timely while I am out; and a couple of toys for his entertainment. Importantly I spare half an hour a day, at least, to walk him at night.

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