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Thread: grey-headed Black-browed Albatross

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    grey-headed Black-browed Albatross

    Hi all,

    Yesterday, 14th July 2012, we saw and Raja photographed this juvenile mollymawk (see pictures). Although this bird has an extensive dark grey head with conspicuous white cheeks, we identified this bird as a juvenile Black-browed (or Campbell Albatross) for the following reasons:
    Bill colour: horn to olive
    Bill shape: relatively thick, angle of bases of upper and lower mandible quite narrow (i.e. not causing the 'glued-on effect' said to be typical of Grey-headed Albatross)
    General appearance of facial pattern very Black-browed-like (especially shape of the eyebrow)
    Note how the colour of the bill varies with changing light conditions!

    See also previous thread 'white-headed Grey-headed Albatross' under 'Seabirds':

    Also please compare to the Grey-headed Albatross we saw off Sydney 10th July 2010:



    Name:  BBALgreyhead20120714Syd-5813.jpg
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    Hi Nikolas and everyone else,

    Here's a page on my site with all my images of the same bird http://www.troymuttonphotography.com...ndex.php?id=72 - I haven't cropped re-exposed or anythign these shots - just done a straight export of the raw to jpg, resized to 1024px across, and watermarked.


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    Hi all,

    I used this bird as an example of a grey-headed Black-browed Albatross as a comparison to a Grey-headed Albatross - see NSW ORAC case #626 here:



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