• Cuttlefish

    The Common Cuttlefish (Sepia apama) is an important food source for all species of albatrosses and many other species of seabirds and marine mammals including dolphins and seals which occur in our region. Sepia apama is easily identified: 3 small palps over each eye. In live animals these are normally erect and prominent. Males appear to be more heavily coloured than females and possibly (on average) larger. Large specimens may attain over 1 metre in length and weight more than 10 Kilograms.

    Little is known of the biology of this cuttlefish. We ask your assistance in helping us to understand more about this very interesting and unusual animal.

    We are interested in any sightings of these cuttlefish. Sightings between Sydney and Jervis Bay inclusive, are of particular interest. Lindsay E. Smith OAM
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