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Thread: Green Cape Birding in January?

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    Green Cape Birding in January?

    Hi everyone,
    Our first post on the Forum. We will be staying at Mallacoota near Gabo Is. during late December & all of January. We are keen birdwatchers/photographers & have recently purchased a Scope. Across the border in NSW, North of Mallacoota is Green Cape in Ben Boyd National Park. Supposedly at the lighthouse is a good site to see Albatross & other pelagic species. Has anyone on the Forum been there & what species could we expect to encounter at that time of the year? Apparently Winter is the best time.
    Best Regards
    Keith & Judy

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    Hi Keith/Judy,

    Green Cape is a good spot for sea watching, but, as you say, summer is not ideal. Overall though, it will depend upon the direction of the prevailing winds on the given day. I've done a bit of sea watching in Victoria over summer, so I would expect Green Cape to be similar. You should see Gannet's, Shy Albatross and Short-tailed Shearwaters, but really, anything could turn up. There have been some great birds seen from Green Cape. Birding is quite good around the lighthouse too.

    Anyway, let us know how you go and have a great trip.


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