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Thread: further analysis of Australia's four New Zealand Storm-petrels/"Streaked Stormies"

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    further analysis of Australia's four New Zealand Storm-petrels/"Streaked Stormies"

    Hi all,

    I just put together a figure with all four Australian NZSP/"Streaked SP" (see "all four NZSP") and found again that the Southport bird looks very similar to the Ulladulla bird. I would even go so far that - taken some wear and moult into consideration - it could even be the same individual, whereas the Wollongong bird is a very different one (see "Ulladulla vs Southport"). (Obviously the Port Stephens bird is also different from the Ulladulla bird.) The arrows and brackets point at similarities between the Ulladulla and the Southport birds.



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    Hi all,

    In the meantime, there have been a number of sightings of 'Streaked Storm-Petrels' in Australian waters. Currently, it looks like that only the Port Stephens, Wollongong, Victoria & Swansea birds are 'classic' New Zealand Storm-Petrels. The Ulladulla and all SE-QLD birds appear to be what might be a yet undescribed taxon 'New Caledonia Storm-Petrel', which is larger and has darker underwing coverts. This taxon may represent the mysterious 'Striped Storm-Petrel 'Pealea lineata' or 'Thalassidroma lineata'. More research needs to be done!



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