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Thread: Wollongong Pelagic - 20th August 2011

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    Wollongong Pelagic - 20th August 2011

    Not really a trip report, just my observations. A full trip report will be posted.

    This trip was an additional trip for Ryde TAFE, there was a spare spot, so I just tagged along

    The day was more interesting for what we didn't see, rather than what we did. No petrels, at all, not even a Cape Petrel. Only a couple of Fairy Prions and 1 Storm-Petrel, a White-faced. Good numbers of Black-browed were around for the whole day and we picked up several Brown Skuas on the way back in, banding at least 4. The day was also notable for catching a banded Indian Yellow-nosed. It was French band and it also had a white darvic band, P52.

    The seas started out as very uncomfortable, 4+ metres at times, with quite strong winds. From around midday, it subsided to merely uncomfortable. We made the shelf, but only just and we couldn't stop. It was an effort to catch the 8 or so birds that we did.

    Species seen were,

    Silver Gull
    Kelp Gull
    Australasian Gannet
    Australian Pelican
    Wedge-tailed Shearwater
    Fluttering Shearwater
    Brown Skua
    Northern Giant Petrel
    Crested Tern
    White-fronted Tern
    Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross
    Black-browed Albatross
    Campbell Albatross
    White-capped Albatross
    Shy Albatross
    Antipodean Albatross
    Wandering Albatross (including a juvenile !!)
    White-faced Storm Petrel
    Fairy Prion

    We also saw a young Sea Eagle on the return trip.

    Name:  Juv Wanderer - 20 Aug 11.jpg
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    Juvenile Wanderer

    Name:  Juv Shy - 20 Aug 11.jpg
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    Juvenile Shy

    Name:  Sea Eagle - 20 Aug 11.jpg
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    Young Sea Eagle

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    nice report. I was wondering how the trip went. We have a nice resident Sea Eagle located at the polo fields in the lowlands of Richmond.

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