Here is Paul's trip report:

I'd like to add 4 Beach Stone-curlews (likely the same family as in the previous month), an Eastern Curlew and a Caspian Tern at the seaway. Above the shelf we had two Humpback Whales and a Balaenoptera spec.: A whale was called from someone in the bow. Only two people (Steve Radley and myself) saw it when it came up again only 50 m off the port side. Long broad back anterior of dorsal fin (indicating a Balaenoptera). Tall falcate dorsal fin (shape prefect for Sei Whale). Shallow dive, no fluke shown (typical behaviour of Sei Whale). Looked really good for a Sei Whale but I would have preferred another look to see diagnostic field marks (such as the single ridge to rule out Bryde's Whale). No one got a photograph :-(