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Thread: Southport Sea Mount trip 11-14th April 2014

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    Southport Sea Mount trip 11-14th April 2014

    Hi all,

    We participated in Paul Walbridge's highly successful Southport Sea Mount pelagic 11-14th April 2014. Paul will post the full report.
    Some of Raja's photos from our fantastic trip are on her website at the following links:

    2014 April 12 Seamounts off QLD - adar man photography

    2014 April 13 Seamounts off QLD - adar man photography


    Nikolas & Raja

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    The Polynesian Storm-petrel has been accepted by BARC. The Collared (Magnificent) Petrels are currently under BARC review. A detailed BARC submission of the 'New Caledonia Storm-petrels' is in preparation.
    For full submissions (Polynesian Storm-petrel and Collared Petrel) and verdicts (Polynesian Storm-petrel) see here:




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