I have been on several whale watching trips aboard the Halicat from Sydney, this winter. A half-day trip on 28 May and two half day trips on 4, 18, 19, 25, 26 June, and 2 July. We have only been out a few kilometres and not to deeper water than about 80 m, between Maroubra and Newport. There are not a lot of birds to report. The stand-out was juvenile Salvin's Albatross in the morning trip on 18 June. Black-browed and Campbell's Albatrosses have been seen on just about every trip. 1-2 Yellow-Nosed Albatrosses on about half the trips. A few Shy Albatrosses including adults and 1 grey-headed juvenile (a Salvin's look-alike), and one Salvin’s/Shy type juvenile. There was 1 Fairy Prion on 28/5 and one giant petrel on 18 May. The only shearwater has been fluttering, small numbers before mid June and big rafts the last 2 weekends. 1 or 2 Brown Skuas on about half the trips and every day. The only tern has been crested, up to 3 on most trips. I recall that White-fronted Tern used to be quite commonly seen from winter boats off Sydney and in the harbour in the early 1980s. Where are they? Australasian Gannets and Silver Gulls on every trip, as you would expect. We've seen Humpback Whales on every trip, fur seals the last 2 weekends and Common Dolphins on 2 July.