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Thread: Westland Petrel rescued off Port Kembla and released off Sydney

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    Westland Petrel rescued off Port Kembla and released off Sydney

    Hi all,

    A 'breeding Westland Petrel female' was rescued off Port Kembla Christmas Eve 2012 and released off Sydney this week.


    Could that have been 'our' Westland Petrel from the 15th December 2012 SOSSA pelagic? Interestingly, Jeff Davies thinks that our bird may have been a juvenile that had fledged with these wasted feather conditions as a consequence of not having had enough food.


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    Thanks for the link Nikolas.

    What's a "breeding Westland Petrel" anyway? An adult bird that is currently raising a chick or one that is of breeding age?

    Juveniles fledge around October, so the theory that it's a juvenile bird seems more likely.


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    Yes, I agree that a juvenile makes more sense. The same applies for the Wollongong bird. I was mislead by the very worn feathers of our bird and interpreted as pre-moult. In this case the bird would have been a 2nd year or an adult bird (by bulk a possible female). However, I agree with Jeff and now believe that our bird is a juvenile. This would also explain the neat jet-black maxillary unguis. I will write an amendment to the BARC submission to discuss this.


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    In the meantime I have received photos of the Port Kembla bird, which show that the Port Kembla and Wollongong birds are two different birds.


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    You can compare both the Port Kembla and Wollongong birds here (plenty of photos):



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