The following are websites that may be of help in preparing for your Wollongong pelagic.

SOSSA does not accept any responsibility for data or actions that result from the use of data from these sites. These sites are forecasts only, the actual conditions can quite different to the forecasts.

Weather/sea forecast's - New South Wales coast Buoyweather provides a 2 day seas forecast that is free of charge.

Australian Bureau of Meteorology website - Illawarra coast This is the offical BOM seas forecast for the Illawarra coast for the following 3 days.

Australian Bureau of Meteorology - Illawarra This is the official BOM land forecast for the Illawarra for the following 4 days. It gives the air temperature to give an idea of what you can expect. Be advised that it does not incorporate wind chill factors, so the actual temperature out to sea can be quite a bit lower than the Wollongong forecast.

CSIRO Sea Surface currents and temperature This gives an idea of what the sea temperature will be on your trip. Sea surface temperature can give an indication of the presence of birds, especially cold water species.