This is just a guide to uploading an image from your computer, allowing it to be seen in the forums.

Firstly, your image can only be 1024 pixels at the widest edge and must be less than 300kb. If the image is larger than either of these, the upload process will fail. If the image is too big, most photo software programs can be used to resize the image to the appropriate size.

Step 1. Select the paperclip, as shown in the image below. If you hover your mouse cursor over the paperclip, you can see it come up as Attachments, as shown.

Name:  Uploading tut image 1.JPG
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Step 2. When the File Upload Manager box appears, select the Add Files button, as highlighted in Red in the top right corner.

Name:  Uploading tut image 2.jpg
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Step 3. The Uploader Box will appear, click the Select Files button.

Name:  Uploading tut image 3.jpg
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A Windows Explorer box will appear, navigate and select the particular image that you would like to upload and click the Open button.

Name:  Uploading tut image 4.jpg
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Once you have selected the file, the file name will appear in the Uploader Box. If this is the correct filename, click the Upload Files button.

Name:  Uploading tut image 5.jpg
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As long as the image meets the parameters of no more than 1024 pixels wide and less than 300kb, the attachment will upload and appear in the bottom left corner of the File Upload Manager box. Click the Insert Inline button, then the Done button, both in the bottom right corner of the screen and the image is uploaded into your message.

Name:  Uploading tut image 6.jpg
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By selecting the Insert Inline button, it means that you know exactly where the image will appear in relation to your text.