• Sunday 26th June 2016, Sydney, Pelagic Trip Report, Sydney, NSW, Australia

    The following is the species list for the Sydney pelagic trip on Sunday 26th June 2016

    Buller's Albatross. Photo: Hal Epstein

    Silver Gull 40
    Crested Tern 8
    Black-browed Albatross 50
    Shy Albatross 25
    Campbell Island Albatross 5
    Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross 20
    Buller's Albatross 15
    Antipodean (Wandering) Albatross 2
    Northern Giant-petrel 2
    Fluttering Shearwater 15
    Fluttering type Shearwater 4
    Australian Gannet 15
    Fairy Prion 60
    Providence Petrel 8
    Great-winged Petrel 2
    Brown Skua 1
    Wilson's Storm-petrel 7
    Short-tailed Shearwater 1 (possibly more).

    Humpback Whale 11

    Some of Rob Hysonís photographs can be seen via the following link sydney_pelagic_26_april_2016 by Robert Hynson,

    I hope that everyone had a good day on the water.