• 20th May 2000, Sydney, Pelagic Trip Report, Sydney, NSW, Australia

    Sydney, NSW Pelagic Trip Report 20th May 2000

    Departed at 07.15 and returned approx 14.00.
    Sea conditions comfortable with a swell less than 1 metre.
    Weather sunny with light North West winds.
    Water temperature around 18.9 degrees C.

    A very quiet trip, with very few birds, as is often the case in May. Thoughts are that the summer migrants have departed and the majority of the winter visitors are yet to arrive. The most unusual sighting was that of a Long-tailed Jaeger which is very late in the year. The real highlight for most (thanks as usual to the great spotting by Steve Anyon-Smith) was the Minke Whale just outside the heads and a huge pod of Spotted Dolphin numbering in the hundreds. Primary Chumming location being 151.17 - 33.50.

    (Note: numbers in brackets = highest count at any one time)

    Little Penguin 2(1)
    Black-browed Albatross 3(1)
    Yellow-nosed Albatross 4(1) All in heavy moult
    Fluttering Shearwater 10-15(8)
    Great-winged Petrel 1
    Providence Petrel 15-20(3)
    Wilson's Storm Petrel 3 (1)
    Australasian Gannet 15+(4)
    Silver Gull 10-20 Most around the heads
    Crested Tern 15+(3)
    Long-tailed Jaeger 1
    Australasian Pelican 5 (in the harbour)
    Little Pied Cormorant 1
    Great Cormorant 1

    Minke Whale 2
    Spotted Dolphin 2-300+

    Tony Palliser