• 9th August 2003, Sydney, Pelagic Trip Report, Sydney, NSW, Australia

    Sydney Pelagic, Sydney 9 August 2003
    18 people on board the Halicat departed at 7.00 am on Saturday. The
    swell was slight and the breeze turned from the SW to the South during
    the day and strengthened. We went out to just under 30 NM from Port

    Highlights of the day were a pod of 5 - 10 Bottlenose Dolphins on the
    way out and a pod of 10 -12 Common Dolphins on the way back. These
    latter rode the bow waves for at least 15 minutes.

    Birds were low in numbers and variety.

    Birds seen were:

    In the harbour:
    2 x Pelicans (2)
    1 x Large Pied cormorant
    Silver Gulls

    At sea:
    1 x Fairy Penguin
    2 x Shy Albatross (1)
    7 x A Gannets (3)
    1 x Fluttering type Shearwater
    2 x Huttons Shearwaters (1)
    13 x Fluttering Shearwaters (3)
    10 x Crested Terns (4)
    6 x Yellow Nosed Albatross (4)
    45 x Providence Petrels (8)
    2 x White Faced Storm Petrel (1)
    1 x Prion Sp.

    John Reidy