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    Published on 21-06-2008 11:26 PM

    Report prepared by: Paul Walbridge.

    Vessel: 37ft monohull M.V.Grinner.
    Crew: Craig Newton (skipper), Gailforce (deckie).
    Pax: Paul Walbridge (leader & organizer), Willem Renema, Deane Lewis, Rob Morris, Chris Barnes, Richard Fuller, Brian Russell, Steve Murray, Brian Willey, Nick Livanos, Liz Livanos, Alan Crawford.

    Weather conditions:

    A trough moving away from the southern Queenslandcoast followed by a strengthening ridge was supposed to bring increasing SW-S but this didn*t eventuate. Light SW winds early, increasing to about 15+ knots from the south by mid morning, then easing right off by mid afternoon. Clear skies, with little or no cloud,
    visibility excellent. Max. air temp. 23* C, Barometer 1022 hPa.
    Published on 26-04-2008 11:24 PM

    Vessel: 37ft monohull M.V. Grinner.
    Skipper: Craig Newton.
    Deckhand: ‘Gailforce’.
    Pax: Paul Walbridge (leader & organizer) Greg Anderson, Andrew Walter, Brian Russell, Rod Gardner, Steve Murray, Willem Renema, Dave Stewart, Rebecca Ryan, Peter Ryan, John Coleman, Anna Kearns, Scott Baker, Richard Fuller, Claire…

    Weather conditions:

    A trough over the Coral Sea & a deepening low moving southeast away from NSW brought light SW to NE winds to Southeast Queensland. On leaving the Seaway, light SW to 10 knots rising to 10-15 knots N-NE by early afternoon. Generally cloudless skies, with excellent visibility. Max. air temp. 25° C. Barometer 1012 hPa.
    Published on 15-03-2008 11:23 PM

    Vessel: 37ft Monohull M.V.Grinner
    Skipper: Craig Newton.
    Crew: Gailforce.
    Pax: Paul Walbridge (Leader & organizer), Willem Renema, Wendy Wilesmith, Rob Morris, Brian Willey, Brian Russell, Jim Sneddon, Jan England, Steve Murray, Rod Gardner, Tom Wheller, Nigel Adlam, Alan Crawford, Greg Anderson.

    Weather conditions:

    A High over the Tasman with a ridge extending alone the east coast of Queensland brought 10-15 knot E-SE winds to south coast waters. Some coastal cloud early on brought a few light showers, clearing to a fine day out wide with little cloud cover and good visibility. Max. air temp. 27° C. Barometer 1020 hPa.

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