• Pelagic Trips Southport

    Pelagic reports , species list and month-by-month sightings (downloadable spreadsheet - updated January 14) from Southport, Qld are also available.

    Trip dates for 2016

    October 15th
    November 19th
    December 17th

    Trip Dates for 2017

    Downloadable PDF

    **From 1 January 2017, trip prices will increase to $120 per person**

    Southport pelagics are run, generally on the third Saturday of each calendar month unless otherwise stated or fore-planned. Cost is A$100 per head and payable at the end of the cruise either by cash or cheque. If a pelagic is cancelled due to, for example, bad weather, the trip will be carried forward to the following Saturday. We meet at the Marinerís Cove car park on Sea World Drive at Southport on the Gold Coast & parking is free with plenty of spaces available early in the morning.

    Although not large the vessel (The Grinner) has ample room for the maximum of 15 patrons, with plenty of seating and room to move around and for taking photographs etc. There is seating inside and bunk space up forward for anyone needing some rest time. The skipper Craig Newton has worked most of the east coast of Australia on various vessels in various capacities and has a sound knowledge of the local waters off the Gold Coast.

    What to bring: Binoculars, camera equipment, sunscreen or block-out & medication if susceptible to sea-sickness (please remember that these trips do not turn back because somebody gets seasick).

    Clothing: This is a sub-tropical region, so from October-April only fairly light gear is needed but as always be mindful that one can still get wet from spray. During the cooler months in the region it still doesnít actually get cold, so just bring sensible warmer clothing to block any breezy conditions. Temperatures in the summer months average up around the high 20s-low 30s and in mid winter still around the low 20s.

    Food & Drink: Soft drinks are provided on board as is usually, light refreshments for morning tea. Patrons need to provide own bottled water and lunch. Some strong advice, do not partake of orange juice prior to the trip, experience shows this could be detrimental to your well-being.

    When & where to meet: As previously mentioned we meet at the Marinerís Cove car park on the left hand side of Sea World Drive at Southport but the meeting time varies according to the time of year. Generally, October through to April is a 0530 hrs meet at the car park, with May and September at 0600 hrs June to August at 0630 hrs.

    Contact: Paul Walbridge (SOSSA northern representative). PH (H) 61 7 3256 4124
    (W) 61 7 3139 4258 E-Mail: Paul_Walbridge@health.qld.gov.au

    The Grinner

    Class: 37 ft Steber monohull.
    Build: Foam-filled fibreglass.
    Performance: Top speed 24 knots, normal pelagic cruising speed 10 knots.
    Survey: Pax 15 + skipper + 1 deckhand.
    Skipper: Craig ĎGrinnerí Newton.

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