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  1. Bottle-nosed Dolphins in sydney Harbour
  2. A New Dolphin Species, the Burrunan Dolphin Tursiops australis sp. nov.
  3. cetaceans off Sydney, early October 2011
  4. Sei Whales off Sydney
  5. Fin Whale off Sydney
  6. Shepherd's Beaked Whales filmed off Victoria
  7. white Orca footage from the North Pacific
  8. Blue Whale off Sydney
  9. Southern Right Whale Dolphins - Australian Bight
  10. Strap-toothed Beaked Whale - Australian Bight
  11. Holy Sh#$ - Orcas attacking Sperm Whales
  12. Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin split
  13. Siamese twin Grey Whales
  14. Cuvierís Beaked Whales (Ziphius cavirostris) Record-Breaking Dives
  15. Humpback Dolphins split