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  1. Broad-billed Prion's blown ashore in New Zealand
  2. Seabird Adventure in the South Pacific
  3. The White-Headed Grey-Headed Albatross (juvenile Grey-headed Albatrosses)
  4. Continued increase in numbers of Spectacled Petrels
  5. Atlantic Petrel footage
  6. Species Profile and Identification - Bullers Albatross
  7. Species Profiles and Identification - Index
  8. Bryan's Shearwater
  9. Fregetta maoriana
  10. Records of Pterodroma brevipes in Australian waters
  11. Function of the tube?
  12. White-chinned Petrels off Cape Town
  13. Stejneger's Petrel on Sunshine Coast - a Likely New Bird for Australia
  14. Albatross clean sunfish of parasites
  15. Southern Royal Albatross killed by Sea Lion
  16. Westland Petrel rescued off Port Kembla and released off Sydney
  17. New Zealand Storm-Petrel breeding site discovered on Little Barrier Island
  18. Seabird/Fishery Interactions
  19. 'New Caledonia Storm-petrel' vs New Zealand Storm-petrel
  20. Dutch Arctic Terns migrating to Antarctica via Australia
  21. Fiordland Penguin, Tura Beach, NSW (taken into care)
  22. Adaptive value of same-sex pairing in Laysan albatross
  23. Hutton's Shearwaters north of Darwin
  24. First live record of Bulwer's Petrel in New Zealand
  25. Arctic Terns in the North and Arctic Terns in the South ;-)
  26. Hookpod - Saving the Albatross from Extinction
  27. Herald/Trindade split now also accepted by Clements
  28. Regarding Rescue and Rehabilitation/ release of Masked Booby's
  29. tube Function