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  1. Silver v Red-billed Gulls
  2. South Polar v Brown Skua: ID of a juvenile skua off Sydney in March 2006
  3. Northern or Southern Giant-Petrel
  4. Black-browed or Shy Albatross
  5. Prions - Wollongong Pelagic 24th July
  6. Help with identification
  7. Shy, White-capped, Salvin's
  8. further analysis of Australia's four New Zealand Storm-petrels/"Streaked Stormies"
  9. A Skua in Korea
  10. ABA Quiz bird: Large dark shearwater (Birding, January 2012)
  11. Intermediate pale morph Wedge-tailed Shearwater off Swansea, NSW
  12. possible Salvin's Albatross, off Wollongong 3/6/12
  13. Wandering Albatross, off Wollongong 3/6/12
  14. 'Dark-hooded' Yellow-nosed Albatross off Port Stephens
  15. 'Pale' Skua off Port Stephens
  16. grey-headed Black-browed Albatross
  17. ID confirmation
  18. juvenile Grey-headed Albatross
  19. "Shy-type" Albabtross: White-capped or Salvin's?